“There is an immediate demand to connect available science and technology todevelopment solutions in West Africa.”
Alex Deprez, Director of USAID’s West Africa regional office.

SERVIR West Africa engages scientists across the region to partner with each other to address the greatest challenges in the region with the aim of providing long term African solutions to African problems.

Operating as a regional hub, SERVIR West Africa promotes collaboration among technical institutions in the region, leveraging their respective strengths. It also works across the region to increase awareness, and improve access to and the capacity to use geospatial information.
In this initial phase, the program focuses on four countries: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Niger and Senegal. The program works with decision-makers to provide user-tailored information services

“NASA is deeply committed to Earth science and the value it provides people around the globe. I’m proud to say SERVIR is now serving more than 40 countries and together with USAID, we are continuing the effort to bringspace-based science down to Earth for real time, real world uses that are changing people’s lives where they live.”
Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator.

Globally, SERVIR connects USAID’s network of development partners in countries with data gaps with NASA’s science, technology, research activities, and extensive satellite data assets. Together with leading regional organizations and local partners, SERVIR has developed 70 information products and tools and provided training to people in more than 41 countries.
More information on SERVIR is available at SERVIR Global.